Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TdF Stage 10

ASO's plans to liven up le Tour by taking everyone's radios away seems to have backfired. In fact, the race was so boring I suspect we saw a subtle protest at the finish -- Hushovd and Farrar agreed not to try coming around Cavendish so that even the sprint would be tedious. Or maybe they were waiting for their DS to point out the finish line in the last 200 meters. In any case the stage made the rest day press conferences look action packed. Maybe next time assign all riders and DS random radios?

In other, equally exciting news it seems that Giro has their
new lid on a number of teams (Astana, Garmin, etc). Apparently it's very light and weighs not so many grams, but it looks to me like the helmet Postal was wearing in 1999 (maybe now with a Greek name?). I think this will be a marketing challenge for Giro; will the weight savings overcome the dated styling in the eyes of consumers? If my riding cohort is representative of the market, the answer is no. Lightness is fine, but cycling is all about looking good these days. In white, like a bride.

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