Saturday, July 11, 2009

TdF Stage 8

I do love a small group sprint, and today Luis Leon Sanchez made it look easy. He waited form Casar to do most of the work to bring Efimkin back, closed the gap himself with a few pedal strokes, then paused and let Casar come around to lead him out. He glanced over his right shoulder as if he was giving Casar permission to go, then came around him easily for the win.

I hung around to watch the Versus interviews this morning. They really need to give George Hincapie a while to recover before doing post-stage interviews. Let him have something to drink, maybe some food to get some glucose back in his brain. Ambushing him while non-functional just isn't fair. Then Thor Hushovd had trouble getting his massive Viking hands through the tiny bike-racer sleeves on that green jersey.

Johan Bruyneel claims confusion at the early attack from Cadel Evans. Don't play coy with us, you Belgian minx! Everyone knows you are the evil genius of le Tour, the puppetmaster who controls all.

Oscar Pereiro apparently gave up today. Is his career Beloking?

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