Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TdF Stage 11

After years of working to chase down breaks for Robbie McEwen, gangly Belgian Johan Van Summeren got himself off the front today. Great to see him on the other side of that situation for once. Unfortunately for him, Columbia-HTC had plenty of help in bringing the race back together for a bunch sprint. There was a rumor that the finishing incline would be difficult for Cavendish, and I guess it was -- he could only beat Farrar by a wheel.

It must be really fun to be Eisel, Grabsch, or any of the other Columbia-HTC riders right now. There are few things more satisfying in cycling than working your ass off for a teammate that has the talent, smarts, and drive to deliver the win.

very important news, apparently the UCI leaked to L'Equipe that some unnamed rider thinks Cavendish is an anti-French racist! Cavendish dealt with this matter appropriately:
"For sure I’m going to get arsy at some riders, because, you know, I’m an asshole," said Cavendish. "But it’s irrelevant their nationality, and irrelevant what they look like, or where they come from. Because, like I said, I’m an asshole."
Now Cavendish could have escaped this controversy by pointing out that as a sort-of-British person he is expected to dislike the French, but clearly he has come to the Tour in better form than that. Bravo!

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